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Sep. 13th, 2010


When I Come Back

 I think I'm in love with The Decemberists. So awesome. <3

Thank you.

Sep. 8th, 2010


That's When I'll Come Home

 I feel like crap. Was so tempted not to come into work today. But honestly, the drama associated with taking a day off these days is fairly deterring. Wish today would just piss off so I can try again tomorrow.

I've got $32,000 worth of invoices to pay today and all of my records were on my tablet computer which died yesterday. Super.

The same girl sat next to me at the bus stop & on the bus three days in a row. I couldn't hear over my headphones but when she sat next to me today she smiled and said something that looked like, "Hi again" and I was too cranky/blah to respond. How terrible.

Jesus Christ I need to go home and go back to bed. How the hell am I going to stay awake past midday, I'm already struggling. Fuckit.

Goddamnit ex's can be fucking annoying. Seriously.
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Sep. 7th, 2010


Before Our Innocence Was Lost



Sep. 6th, 2010


An Invitation That We Won't Extend

Well I'm done feeling sorry for myself. Pride is a little shattered but I'll survive!

Friday night was pretty fun. Went out with Kristy and a bunch of work people for a friends' farewell. Had some good food and great drinks at Jade Buddah. Caught up with Justin for his 2nd last night working there and he hooked us up with free drinks. Yay! <3

Ended up being the only sober person in a cab on our way to the Fox at 10:00pm with one of my workmates' friends hands firmly glued to my leg for the entire ride. Was a bit awkward. Dunno if she even noticed she was doing it though, hahaha. After buying people drinks all night I discovered that my bank card had expired a few days prior and I was totally out of cash. Fortunately Kristy hooked me up with drinks. Had a pretty good / deep chat. Got annoyed by far too many staircases in one establishment. Some poor girl was humiliated by like 10 people on the staircase for accidentally stepping on the tail of her dress and losing her shoe. So unnecessary. Kristy ended up getting hit by the flu really hard, and I felt kinda bad for encouraging her to stay out so late 'cos she was pretty ruined by the time she went home.

I stayed out with the remaining 2 for a while, but I figured with no cash on hand and no ability to extract it, I'd best be getting home.

Highlights of the night:
- Inventing alternate names for cocktails so men can feel more comfortable ordering them. Popular choices were the "Rusty Muscle" and "Bruised Bladder."
- Polski arriving home at the exact same time as me (1:30AM) with a chocolate Sundae. <3
- Shaking the hand of what I percieved to be the biggest man on earth with a huge, blonde handlebar moustache. Hahahahaha.
- Getting a handful of glass splinters embedded into my hand from a dark table... oh wait no, that sucked.  :(

Today at work is awkward though. Kristy is off sick and the girl I like appears to be dodging me for lunch.

Season finale of True Blood tonight, too. Blah.

On the bright side, I fixed my Wii on the weekend. Google taught me how to dismantle and reset an AC Adaptor. Bravo!
Metroid Other M is a very cool game, although my thumb is red raw from playing too much!
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Sep. 1st, 2010


I Hold My Heart and Dream of You

Well, I'm freaking myself out by saying this... but it's actually kicking me in the guts pretty hard today.  I expected it yesterday and just accepted it, but man.  Much to my own embarassment I had like 4 dreams lastnight where the outcome was different.  And I woke up all happy and stuff.  And realised it was a dream.  Then went back to sleep.  Rinse repeat.  Those dreams were vivid as hell, sigh.  I dunno why I'm so cut up about it.  Guess I was more emotionally invested than I realised.  Meh.  I look like shit.  I wanna go home and go back to bed.

Aug. 31st, 2010


The Gorgeous Lie That I Want To Believe




Good Morning Kaia

The whole plan is in motion! I'm nervous as hell. Dunno why. I haven't felt this nervous about anyone in ages. I'm all shaky and shit!

Here's the plan:

I purchased a blank card this morning.
I used my tablet & photoshop at work to sketch/write up a little letter to go inside the card.
Kristy provides a company envelope and electronically labels it so it looks all official and stuff.
We place the letter/card in the company envelope, addressed to her, and place it in the mail tray in our other office.
Mail is delivered to this office sometime this afternoon, she recieves it...
And my fingers are now crossed.


Aug. 30th, 2010


This Binary Universe

You know, I used to hate Mondays.
Monday was the worst day of the week, without fail.
For as long as I can remember.
But it's funny. 
Now it's my favourite day.

Because I get to come to work and see her.

Gonna work up the courage to do something brave/stupid tomorrow.
I never get this nervous. But all of a sudden I feel like a teenager again.

Aug. 26th, 2010


Remembering Lost Company

Well I think I must be fighting off the same sickness that has currently plagued everyone else at work, 'cos over the last 3 days since returning to work I've been in bed by 7:00PM. It's freakin' cold, which i'm okay with, but goddamn it's SO WINDY. Like it cuts to the bone and shit. Not cool. There's like 5 people around me constantly coughing and sneezing so I'm not liking my chances of exiting this week in full health. Hopefully all this sleep is giving me a fighting chance!

Another lonely lunch today, woe is me. What a dreary week back at work!

One of the other guys at work was getting grilled for having a wrinkled shirt, and amidst the conversation, I was brought up as an example of a guy who comes to work with a neatly ironed shirt. I found it hilariously ironic because I just pulled this shirt from the bottom of my fresh laundry basket and put it on 2 minutes before walking out the door this morning. And yet he invested 10 minutes into ironing his shirt, hahaha.

Oh god it's 10:00AM and I can't stop yawning. Best get some work done to keep my brain functioasjdfkgsdfbladfbdmklsnbmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........
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Aug. 25th, 2010


And As I Watch The Sun Highlight Your Midas Touch

Well jeez today is dreary. Everyone cool at work is off sick. Which means I'm like 8 times more productive than usual. Seriously, I've created at least 3 miracles already today and it's barely lunch time. Speaking of which, lunch was boring. But delicious! I'm so full. I wanna take a nap.

This literary masterpiece was brought to you by the brilliant mind that somehow developed the technology to represent Shear Vane results on a 3d scale today.

Hurrrrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrr.
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