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Well, yesterday my PC died. That was a huge pain in the ass. I can't really afford the time nor money to fix it at the moment either. I've managed to confirm that it was the processor, but I'll have to deal with it later.

I had a guy come round to check the place out today - incidentally his name was Stephanie - and he seemed like an absolute perfect fit. He really loved the place and seems very keen on moving in. He's starting a job in Brisbane on Monday, and is staying at his girlfriends' house on the Gold Coast in the meantime, so the sooner he gets a place in Brisbane the better. At this stage, it looks like I might be moving and flying out as early as Wednesday. Depends on how the other applicants go this weekend, and if this Steph guy decides to change his mind. Hopefully he stick to it and comes around to meet Andy & Aaron on the weekend.

6 days. 

So much to do.