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Open Mind For a Different View

Metallica. Was. Amazing. Mindblowing. Breathtaking. Touching. Beautiful.

Ecstasy of Gold
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Nothing Else Matters... <3

The introduction was incredible. The crowd was going nuts in anticipation.

There was a ~15 minute delay after Fear Factory finished up while the tech guys were fondling the lasers up in the roof. 20,000 people kept themselves entertained by chanting random stuff and maintaining a constant mexican wave that picked up in speed with every lap. Then the lights all went out and the entire arena went dead silent. Ecstasy of Gold started playing, and 4 flashlights made their way through to the stage. The entire stage was suddenly illuminated by grids of dancing lasers, creating a hallway of light to a single guitar standing in the center of the stage. The lasers trace a silhouette of a man - James Hetfield - walking up the stage towards the guitar. He picked it up, Ecstasy of Gold faded out, and the stage burst into a laser show too incredible to describe. The first song started playing as the lasers danced around the band members, and the crowd totally lost it.

At the end of the first track, James took a moment to greet the arena, before whispering into the microphone, "I'm gonna wear you guys out tonight... so..." and just as the lights dimmed, he opened up with "GIMME FUEL, GIMME FIRE!!" and the entire stage *literally* exploded in flame around him. One of my favourite songs EVER was immortalised in that single moment - the pyrotechnics were so amazing.

All of my favourites were played - I expected it to be like 70% new stuff and a bit of old stuff to appease the old fans. But nope, it was like 2-3 songs from each album. I remember James sitting on his knees with his acoustic and a single blue column of light shining on him whilst he gave a speech about love, and asking everyone in the "Metallica family" to join hands and sing along with him. It was truly beautiful - 20,000 people holding hands and singing Nothing Else Matters. I'm not ashamed to admit I had tears in my eyes.

During The Four Horsemen, two guys in the pit took their shirts off and started swinging at eachother. The spotlights were passing by them at this moment, and James was singing on that side of the stage. He saw the fight break out, and in the middle of a verse, he points to the two guys and says, "Hey. Cut it out." They stopped immediately, standing and staring in awe. The crowd loved it. It was so cool. Good to see there were no other fights - I don't understand why people do it. We're all there for the same reason. Stupid testosterone fuelled idiots.

For the final set, James turned on all the lights in the arena and asked the crowd to sing along with him for one last song, and for the entire song, giant black Metallica balloons were raining down from the roof. The entire crowd went nuts, bouncing them all around whilst the band had a total party kicking them off the stage and high-fiving fans nearby.

Most unforgettable night of my life.